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Archipel is an Indigenous-owned company bringing together a diverse team of social scientists, historians,facilitators, researchers, community practitioners, data analysts, linguistic specialists, educators, and community development experts.


     We have decades of cumulative experience answering important questions and delivering educational experiences about Indigenous and Canadian history, multiculturalism and diversity, Indigenous and immigrant, refugee and newcomer communities, gender inequality and equity, antiracism, mental health and community well-being, and a wide variety of other areas. 

Research and Consulting - We offer consulting services and qualitative and quantitative social science and historical research, specialising in Indigenous and Canadian history, Indigenous studies, immigration and refugee issues, multiculturalism and diversity, Gender-Based Analysis Plus, and  much more.

Trainings and Presentations - We offer customized, experiential and interactive trainings and workshops that pay careful attention to the wide array of adult learning style. Our experienced trainers are both content experts as well as gifted facilitators. We currently offer trainings in two subject areas:​ Anti-Oppression / Anti-Racism 101 and ​Indigenous Awareness. We also offer keynote speaking engagements and facilitation services from our diverse team of inspiring and dynamic individuals. 

Translation Services - Led by our multilingual in-house translator, we are able to offer translation services in a variety of languages.

Archipel's Publishing Division offers, in a collaboration with Osman Publishing (Mauritius) and Cambridge University Press (South Africa), an international series of trilingual children's dictionaries in Indigenous, Creole, and minority languages.


We currently offer these dictionaries in Kreol Maurisien - Francais - English, Kreol Seselwa - Francais - English, English - isiZulu - Afrikaans, and English- isiXhosa - Afrikaans. We currently have several North American Indigenous languages in production. 


Please check back frequently to learn about new languages being added to our series. 

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